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Local Artists Respond to Environmental Concerns, Economic Woes

San Francisco, California
November 2, 2009

Members of San Francisco’s Jewelry Artisans Collective will debut their group exhibit, “Green and Gold: Adorn Responsibly,” at the Live Worms Gallery December 11 through the 13th. The show’s concept was originally intended to address the impact of the mining industry, but has evolved to reflect personal themes as well.

On the surface, it is a reference to the artists and their medium. Founded in 2007 by alumni of San Francisco’s Revere Academy of the Jewelry Arts, many collective members are students and recent grads – “green” to the industry, working in gold and other precious metals.

On a broader level, it speaks to social and environmental responsibility and the value of personal relationships.

“The public is very aware of the environmental destruction and human rights abuses associated with mining,” observes group spokesperson Jenny Reeves. “I’d estimate that 75% of the clients I meet ask about recycled metals, and a third of those want to buy recycled items exclusively. Fortunately, many of our suppliers now offer sustainable and reclaimed products - our whole group is making the conversion to these materials.”

“To bring it full circle,” she continues, “we’re donating 10% of our sales to San Francisco Baykeeper – they’ve led the charge to clean up mercury in the Bay, much of which is a direct result of gold mining.”

The “Green and Gold” theme also reflects the economy: implying the lack of “green” resulting from the financial melt-down, and suggesting what is truly “golden” – the friends and family that help us get through the hard times.

“One of the greatest benefits of being a collective member is the sense of community - that’s been invaluable in coping with this recession,” Reeves notes. “Even when money’s tight, you want to say ‘thank you’ to the people who’ve been there for you – it just becomes more important to find gifts that have personal meaning and inherent, lasting value… Handmade jewelry is all of those things.”

The exhibit runs from December 11th through the 13th. Hours are 12pm – 9pm on Friday and Saturday, 12pm – 6pm Sunday; 10% of all sales will be donated to SF Baykeeper. Live Worms Gallery is located at 1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133. The show is free and open to the public.