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June 2, 2010

San Francisco, CA - San Francisco’s Jewelry Artisans Collective and The Revere Academy of the Jewelry Arts recently donated $1500 in tools to Made by Survivors, a non-profit organization that provides skill training to survivors of human trafficking and slavery.

Revere alum Dianna Badalament was selected by the organization to spearhead the Destiny Jewelry project in Kolkata, India, where she’ll be teaching the survivors basic metalsmithing skills and launching their jewelry training program.  The project will give the women the ability to make a living selling fair-trade wares and prevent them from ending up in brothels or becoming re-enslaved.

“[Dianna] was moved to tears when she saw what we’d collected,” notes JAC spokesperson Jenny Reeves.  “Before the donation, she was planning to start the program with a few pairs of pliers,  some steel blocks, and two creme-brulee torches - every tool we donated makes a big difference.”  

The ultimate goal of the project is to build the Destiny Jewelry Center which, when completed, will employ at least 500 survivors at various locations across India.  The center will serve as a jewelry production and training facility, and will also teach survivors the necessary business and social work skills to help expand the program. 

The JAC will continue to accept donations of tools and materials while Dianna is in India.  To arrange a donation, contact Jenny Reeves at info@jewelryartisanscollective.com.  For more information on the project and to follow Dianna’s blog, visit www.madebysurvivors.com/dusttodazzle.

For more information contact Jenny Reeves at (415) 676-1510 or jenny@jennyreeves.com.